About Us

About Us

PWAN Legend Realtors and Investment Limited is a trusted and reliable real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria. With a strong presence in the industry, we specialize in providing affordable and secure real estate investment opportunities to investors.

Our expertise lies in residential and commercial real estate, offering all – round properties to serve different investment preferences.


We take pride in delivering exceptional services and ensuring client satisfaction. As a team of experienced professionals, we guide our clients through the process, providing valuable insights and guidance to make informed decisions.

PWAN Legend Realtors and Investment Limited operate two empowerment centres, the XPERIENCE CENTRE, strategically located in Lagos and Asaba, where realtors and investors can engage with the company’s experts to explore available investment options and gain a deeper understanding of the real estate market. The centres offer a supportive and interactive environment for individuals looking to invest in real estate.

Our Vision

To make homeownership a reality.

Our Mission

To discover affordable lands in fast developing areas and make these known to you and also show you how you can make money to buy land and build your home.

Our Core Value

1. Accountability
2. Responsibility
3. Integrity
4. Service
5. Excellence

Our Services

We offer personalized services aligned with your vision and satisfaction.

Real Estate Development

Discover Excellence in Real Estate Development with PWAN Legend. From architectural brilliance to quality construction, we offer personalized services aligned with your vision and satisfaction.

Real Estate Management

With years of expertise and experience, we handle all aspects of property management, from tenant acquisition and retention to proactive maintenance and repairs.

Real Estate Marketing

Our team of experts develops strategic marketing plans, utilizes digital platforms for maximum exposure, and creates immersive visuals. They also provide professional branding and collateral services


Careful analysis of market trends and government plans allows them to identify promising investment areas. With PWAN Legend, investors can secure their financial future while contributing to community development.

& Seminars

 Join PWAN Legend and become a legendary realtor by staying ahead of the curve and achieving tangible results in the dynamic real estate industry. Gain practical skills in negotiation, digital marketing, property valuation etc.


Our experienced professionals offer tailored strategies and insights to guide clients through the twist of the industry. With expertise in market trends, property valuation, investment analysis, and legal considerations, we ensure informed decision-making.

Reasons To Trust Us

Our Clients and PBOs loves us because we keep our words





Dr. Afamefuna Micheal Okonkwo

Meet the MD

Dr Micheal Afamefuna Okonkwo is a dynamic and astute individual with a sharp acumen and logical mind that easily grasps new business concepts. He has spent the past Fifteen years working with individuals and companies to bring product awareness to a peak through innovative and unique marketing strategies.

After graduating from Imo State University, he gained valuable work experience, starting with his IT stint at Chevron Escravos, where he actively worked in the Tank Farm/Operations lab as a supervisor. Taking a significant step forward in 2004…


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